Some of the blankets we work with can be over 30 years old and just simply show wear. Rather than viewing this as damage we see it as character, by repairing them we pay homage to the previous life they have lived.

- Hand wash or machine wash on a delicate / wool cycle *To save water, spot clean rather than machine washing as much as possible

- Always wash with COLD water (wool can shrink when exposed to heat and friction) * Washing under 30℃ is also much better for the environment

- Lay flat to dry in the shade to avoid colour loss


- Iron on a wool setting when necessary (or after washing)

We want these pieces to be worn and loved for as long as possible - if you need repairs please get in touch, where possible we are happy to provide mending in house or provide instructions for you to repair it yourself (a skill we believe everyone should learn).

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